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Milos Pavicevich

Milos Pavicevich

Little did Milos Pavicevich know what he was in store for that day that he came to an open house at Chandler-Gilbert Community College.  After having left the mid-west for new opportunities he stopped into this open house to … (more)

Elie Chmouni

Elie Chmouni

Elie Chmouni’s American success story begins with tragedy and hardship.  In January of 2006, Elie came to Chandler-GilbertCommunity College from his native Lebanon to study aerospace engineering.  Sadly, in the summer of 2006 war broke out between Israel and … (more)


Create endowed chair for Academic Innovation in sustainability

This position will inspire, incubate, manage, institutionalize and evaluate innovative academic initiatives. Projects will include: global and civic engagement; sustainability; Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); Learning Communities; and other areas ($200,000).

$200,000Faculty and Staff Innovation

Preserve ACE (Achieving a College Education)

CGCC’s ACE program affords under-prepared and/or non-traditional high school students an opportunity to attend a Maricopa Community College, Enrollment is currently capped at 222 students; participation in the program has increased exponentially. While there continues to be high demand, the program exhausted current Foundation annual campaign support on June 30, 2013. CGCC must now secure $55,000 annually for academic achievement and personal professional leadership to sustain, and $75,000 annually to grow the program. Our four-year goal is $300,000.

$300,000Direct Student Support

Assess and Expand Allied Health Program

In response to changing community needs, Southeast Valley health care providers are increasingly looking to CGCC to expand our allied health training for respiratory therapists, radiology technicians and other similar positions. Before CGCC can grow, we must first conduct a community needs assessment to identify the areas where help is needed most. Costs will cover a feasibility study, start-up equipment and supplies, simulation equipment, cost of developing simulations and training faculty to use simulators.

$540,000Community Partnerships

Formalize Developmental Education Program

More than half of students who enter a Maricopa Community College require some level of developmental (remedial) education. Hiring needs: Director of Developmental Education ($65,000); human resources support ($25,000); staff to monitor open learning spaces ($15,000). Operational needs (e.g., contracted services, materials, professional development and travel – $75,000). Facilities need student computer stations, supplemental learning tools (e.g., tablets, tabletop Smart Boards), and small group learning stations ($100,000).

$480,000Faculty and Staff Innovation

Build Endowed Scholarships

CGCC plans to secure $150,000 in endowment funding to provide 15 students with $500 scholarships annually.

$150,000Faculty and Staff Innovation

Establish early college dual enrollment scholarship

As all of Arizona focuses on K-12 outcomes, high school completion, and core competencies, especially in the STEM areas, more high school students and families are taking advantage of opportunities to accelerate post-secondary options including dual enrollment. Currently CGCC serves more than 8,000 dual enrollment students in four unified school districts (Chandler, Gilbert, Higley, and Queen Creek) and we could serve more. Free and reduced lunch high school students are eligible for need-based scholarship support to pay tuition. To meet the scholarship needs of all eligible high school students requires $60,000 per semester or $480,000 over four years.

$480,000Direct Student Support