Our Donors

Helios Education Foundation

Helios Education Foundation is focused on creating a high-expectations, college-going culture in Arizona and Florida by investing in initiatives that create opportunities for post-secondary education success.

The Foundation focuses its investments across the education continuum in three key impact areas: Early Childhood Education, the Transition Years (Grades 5-12) and Post-secondary Scholarships. As an engaged foundation, embedded in communities across both states, the Foundation is contributing its leadership, expertise and financial resources to better prepare students to succeed academically and to compete in a globally competitive economy.

Helios Education Foundation continues to support the work of the Maricopa Community College System and its efforts to ensure access, opportunity and excellence in education. We recognize the visionary leadership of board members like Ioanna T. Morfessis, Ph.D., whose engaging involvement on both the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation Board and Helios Education Foundation’s Board is contributing to student success.

Since 2006, Helios has invested over $115 million in education-related programs and initiatives in Arizona and Florida that are making a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals. For more information about Helios Education Foundation, visit www.helios.org.