2016 – J. Doug Pruitt

J Doug Pruitt
Mr. J. Doug Pruitt serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Sundt Companies, Inc. and serves as Chairman of Sundt Construction, Inc. He joined the Sundt family of companies in 1966 and, in 1992, assumed the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. In 1998, he became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Pruitt also served as Executive Vice President and Manager of the Sundt Building Division, Vice President/Manager of Construction Management Services and Chief Estimator. He is the author of several articles on concrete slip-formed mechanical cores for high-rise buildings. He has chaired numerous committees for the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), producing brochures and videos on Total Quality Management, Partnering and Workforce Development. He is an advocate for the development of better technology in estimating, scheduling and construction methods.

Mr. Pruitt has been an outstanding advocate for workforce development and vocational education. His leadership of local, regional and national organizations that advocate for training and workforce development has led to the advancement of many programs at Maricopa Community Colleges.


J. Doug Pruitt Quotes

  • Arizona is at the bottom of pretty much every educational category…I’m talking about making an increasingly prudent investment in what works to create an educated, skilled workforce for this state because that is what we drive economic development.
  • An investment in career and technical education programs is what will begin to reduce the skills gap that we suffer from not only in this state, but in this country. An investment in these types of programs and schools is why businesses from outside of Arizona will look to Arizona because they know that they can rely on and educated and skilled workforce.
  • It seems to me very simple. We are getting what we have been willing to pay for. It’s time for us to be counted and say, ‘Enough is enough.’ It’s time for us, collectively and individually, to tell our elected officials to start putting Arizona’s children first…and start investing at every level of education so that we can give our kids a chance to be successfully and achieve the American dream.
  • ...To all of you who are associated with or work for the Maricopa Community College District or for those of you who are teachers...because of what you do for the future of this state that you, not me, are the true Hero of Education.

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