Hope Scholarship

Headshot of Ezequiel Santos

“Today I have hopes of doors opening, and that me and my friends can continue our education. I want to help other students know that they are worthy of belonging.” Ezequiel Santos, Hope Scholarship, Mesa Community College

My life changed when I was approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). It removed the fear of deportation, opened doors for good and healthy jobs, and allowed me the opportunity to finally go to college. In 2017, I enrolled Mesa Community College (MCC) with dreams of majoring in Digital Arts.

At MCC, I found that there were no clubs on campus for students like me. It motivated me to create a group that could support such students, with resources for life goal opportunities. This group could also be a place where professors could bring their students to have an open dialogue and learn more about immigrants and the struggles we face - to create a more understanding campus. It was from this that MUST (Mesa Undocumented Students Thriving) was formed.