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Issue 2, January 2018

A New Year Brings Opportunities
We are so excited for the 2nd issue of Investing in Real Heroes.  With a new year ahead of us, it seems like the perfect time to highlight the amazing efforts taking place, to help our veteran community.

Elena Bates - State Farm Scholarship Recipient

Veterans Benefit From Insurance Program Scholarships
Last year, Maricopa Community Colleges and 35 insurance professionals from 20 insurance companies developed a certificate in Insurance Studies to prepare students for entry level jobs in the growing insurance industry. This program is first of its kind in community colleges and the state of Arizona.

To read more about this breakthrough program, click here.

Scottsdale Community Colleges Veterans Services Office

Transition Assistance Program Helps Veterans Navigate Education
The Maricopa Community Colleges Transition Assistance Program (MCCTAP) will teach veterans how to navigate the education system, efficiently use their military education benefits and transition to civilian life in Arizona and onto a college campus. MCCTAP serves as a supplement to the military’s transition assistance 7 day program for service members leaving a branch of service. 
Click here to read more about transition assistance.

EMCC Veterans Center

Find Veteran Services At Each College
The Maricopa Community College District is comprised of ten colleges, each with their own Veteran Services office.  Click on each college below to visit their individual Veteran Services website.

       Student Spotlight         

Jordan Sherwood

Veteran Jordan Sherwood USMC (Ret.) Discusses Maricopa Community College Experience
“I had taken some college courses, but I really didn’t know what to expect. I showed up as many students do, not knowing exactly what I needed to do. I knew that I wanted to go to college and get a degree. The Maricopa Community Colleges showed me how VA education benefits worked. And, what was really important to me, was how they related it to how my income would let me continue my education full time,” said Mesa Community College graduate, Jordan Sherwood.
Read more about Jordan’s experiences at Maricopa Community Colleges by clicking here.

EMCC Veterans Center

Did You Know?
Arizona ranks among the top 15 states with the highest concentration of veterans.

Maricopa County has the largest number of veterans in the state, but the county with the largest concentration of Veterans was Cochise, with 19.4% of the population over 18 being veterans.

Arizona veterans are more educated than the general population. In 2013, 29.4% of Arizona veterans had a bachelor’s degree or better. This was higher than the overall total for the state, at 26.9%, making Arizona one of only 12 states in which the college attainment rate for veterans was higher than the state total. It is interesting to note that Arizona veterans had a higher percentage of bachelor’s degree or better than the U.S. as a whole.

Source: Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona

Stay In Touch
We’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you’d like to hear about, and any other feedback that you may have, so that we can provide you with the information you need in order to refer, engage and invest with the Maricopa Community Colleges, in support of veterans.

Next month:  Expert Advice for Employers to Effectively Hire Veterans

Your Support Matters

You can make a difference in the lives of our veterans by making a gift to the Veterans Success Project today through the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation.  Not only will your gift provide veterans with the essentials they need, it will go towards long-lasting assistance towards Veterans Centers and other proposed items within the Project, dependent on raising funds to support them.

Let’s Hear From You
Do you have an interesting veteran’s story you’d like featured? Click here and tell us all about it.

Do you have questions about the Veterans Success Project? Click here.

It’s an honor that U.S. veterans, active reservists, and family members of veterans are among our student body. Both active-duty military personnel and veterans often seek educational support and job training to transition from military service to civilian life, and many will start with a community college.

At Maricopa Community Colleges, services for military personnel and veterans are designed to offer the highest quality assistance. We have a long history of providing education and training, allowing you to enhance existing skills, gain new skills, and translate military training and experience into a rewarding career.

We have an established tradition of providing access to higher education – in other words, we are dedicated to serving those who serve.

All of our colleges have received the Veteran Supportive Campus designation by the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services. Additionally, MCCCD is a partner organization of the Military/Veteran Resource Network.

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