The demand for healthcare workers is critical and the education of this workforce has never been so important. That is why the Maricopa Community Colleges’ Healthcare Integrated Educational System provides more than 40 career options, concentrating on those professions most in demand in Arizona.

One such program that is growing rapidly is the Phlebotomy program, originally launched at GateWay Community College (GWCC) and expanded to the East Valley, in partnership with Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) and Mesa Community College (MCC). 

“We are pleased that GWCC is able to create access to the phlebotomy program in the East Valley at Mesa Community College’s Red Mountain Campus,” said Michael Voss, MCC Dean of Career and Technical Education. “The expansion of healthcare training in our space benefits MCC students and helps meet demand in the East Valley.”

The program began at the MCC-Red Mountain Campus in August 2020 and will launch at Chandler-Gilbert Community College-Williams Campus in summer 2021.  Additional opportunities are available at sites throughout the Maricopa District.  

The GateWay Phlebotomy program is designed to lead to quick entry and completion, allowing those interested in a healthcare profession a path to their career, in under three months.  While the program is quick, the quality of the instruction has been recognized by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), the accrediting body for the Phlebotomy program at GWCC.

According to NHA, GWCC’s Phlebotomy program has held the highest pass rate in Arizona for first-time participants for the past year – 13% higher than any other Phlebotomy school in the state. GWCC has outperformed the national average by 10%.

At CGCC, the Nursing program sees it as an opportunity for those waiting to get into the program to earn a credential quickly that will aid them in their nursing careers or provide them with a skill to get into the healthcare profession immediately, while they wait. 

“The timing for this expansion is critical, especially now, according to Gabriela Rosu, Dean of Instruction at CGCC. “In this time of a global pandemic, the need for trained phlebotomists has never been more apparent,” said Rosu. “Providing an opportunity for more students in the East Valley is an important step to keeping our entire community healthy.”

Since 2015, the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation has awarded more than 1,140 nursing students and 145 healthcare students with scholarships easing the financial burden placed in pursuing their educational goals in this vital and growing field of study.

Check out this video about the Maricopa Phlebotomy Program here.