Cynthia Herda

"I am a person who shoots for the moon because even if I fail, I am still among the stars. "

Cynthia Herda dropped out of high school, endured a teen pregnancy, suffered from drug addiction, was homeless and a victim of domestic violence.  Yet, she doesn’t dwell on the past.  “I got my GED, purchased my home, overcame addiction, retained the same job for over 10 years, and raised two smart children, both inspired by my pursuit higher education.”

Herda started college at 43.  On the first day of English 091, she met GCC professor David Nelson who told her class, “Writing is not a gift; it is something that can be learned.”  A light bulb went off and she found new confidence.

“Every time I have to write Professor Nelson’s words echo in my mind. His insights and support inspired my determination for success.”  She’s maintains a 4.0 GPA and is an officer in Phi Theta Kappa.  Herda was awarded nine scholarships and plans to complete the nursing prerequisites by Spring, 2017.  She will start her Bachelors’ degree from NAU online in Fall, 2017.  During the summer of 2017, she will participate in Envision’s International Scholar Laureate Program to study nursing practices in Australia.

Glendale Community College, Edith Blakey Sweet Scholarship, Dr. Joe Griego Scholarship, GCC General Scholarships & Program Support, MCCD General Unrestricted Scholarship