Miguel G.

"I have a whole new view and perspective that I never thought possible."

Miguel plans to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University. His short-term goal is to complete all of his pathway requirements at the community college, so he can transfer to ASU and earn his master’s degree.

“I currently work as a math and science tutor at Gateway Community College. My job there isn’t to lecture students on the material being covered, but to guide and answer any questions they may have in the hopes that students get a better understanding of the concepts they are learning,” he said.  “It’s my goal  to talk less and listen more in an attempt to get a better understanding of where each student may be struggling, and to  be flexible in how I explain concepts because every student learns differently I want them to maximize their potential.”

Miguel received the Dr. Baugh Math Lovers Scholarship. He said, “during the time I was a student of Dr. Baugh’s I could see he had a passion and drive for math and that he had a desire to teach every morning. I vividly remember that he would always walk in to class and always greet us by saying, “Good morning math lovers!” He has given me a whole new view and perspective in math that I never thought possible.”

GateWay Community College, Jim Baugh Math Lover's Scholarship