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Rio Salado College

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Faculty/Staff Support

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Scholarship is for students who are incarcerated and enrolled in the Rio Salado College Incarcerated Reentry Program at Lewis or Perryville Prisons, distance learning courses at any state or federal prison, or those formerly incarcerated who are continuing their education post-release, students who are participating in or have completed College Bridge Pathways through Rio Salado College, have a program of study, demonstrate financial need, and are continuing students with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Preference will be given to female single parents responsible for supporting their children, and students who have demonstrated their ability and desire to further their pathway or degree completion.. Student assistance fund will provide High School Equivalency (HSE) testing fees to financially needy College Bridge Pathways students. A classroom assistance fund will provide opportunity for assistance with special projects that are designed to increase student learning for students enrolled in Colleg Bridge Pathways. Notes: A college committee comprised of the donor puls four Rio Salado College Community Development employees will determine the scholarship awardees and use of program funds. The use of student assistance and classroom assistance funds will be on an as needed basis with referral to the college committee by a College Bridge Pathways teacher. A small description of the student need may be provided in order to make the decision.


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