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Phoenix College

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Student Support

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cholarship Instructions : (general scholarship, college, field ofistudy, GPA, etc .) 1) 'The scholarship is to :pay'the .tui'tion, course,fees, or other' expenses for second seniester anatomy and physiology (BIO 202) at Phoenix College . 2) To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must be about to complete, or have completed, first semester. anatomy and physiology (BIO 201) at Phoenix College . 3) Using a..metlod agreed upon by the,selection committee, the scholarship, shall be awarded to one or more eligible students (see #2) solely based on their academic excellence in anatomy and physiology. 4) If,a recipient does not take BI ,O 202 at Phoenix College within six months of the award of the scholarship , the scholarship shall be forfeited and awarded to ,another student .


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