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Scottsdale Community College

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Student Support

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Financial support for the tuition needs of a gifted full time student in good standing in the Interior Design program at SCC: 1. Area of study should be Interior Design 2. Annual scholarship awarded to a continuing full time student (12 credits or more) a. In good standing b. That has in the opinon of the Faculty and Director exhibited through his/her submitted portfolio of 1st Year Interior Design coursework and academic performance, an outstanding level of promise for future Professional achievement. 3. The student will apply for the scholarship and be chosen via the following process: a. A committeee (comprised of two or more faculty and the donor), appointed by the Director willl select the finalist. 4. The scholarship will be: a. Awarded each fall based on the committee's selection of the recipient the prior spring b. Exclusively used by the selected candidate for payments toward full-time academic tuition, books, fees and living expenses associated with attending school full time. 5. The Lynne Beyer Design Excellence Scholarship will provide payout for a recipient until such time that the award exceeds 100% of the total cost of registration and fees for an academic year. When, at some future point, there are greater funds available than students meeting the funds criteria, the award committee may, at its discretion: - Award 100% of the available scholarship award payout to the recipient of the award - Choose to provide a second (and third, ad infinitum) award to an excellent Interior Design student - Provide general scholarships to students enrolled in interior design The student recipients will work with the SCC Development Department to communicate their progress on an annual and ongoing basis. The recipient shall write a thank you letter addressed to "Dear Lynne Beyer" thanking her for the gift and delineating his or her focus on school, relevant background and history, intentions upon completing school and any other personally relevant information that the student feels comfortable sharing. An inititial corpus contribution of $10,000 USD and a onetime gift of $500 with the onetime gift of $500 to be used for the initial scholarship award in the academic year beginning in Fall 2014.


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