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The S.E.E.4Vets Veterans Math Success Scholarship for PVCC is an academic initiative designed to assist new student veterans enrolled in MAT08X or MAT09X toward degree completion. Student veterans selected for this scholarship will have the full tuition for the course and course fee(s) covered by the scholarship at the in-state tuition rate. This is a pilot program and intended for 12 student veterans each semester, commencing in spring 2016. BACKGROUND: Many of our returning veterans have been out of the college environment and do not possess the necessary skills to succeed in the colleges and universities. An area of particular challenge is passing mathematics. Compounding the problem for veterans is the inability of the GI Bill to pay for structured tutoring, currently available in PVCC's MAT I 08 Tutored Math. MAT I 08 is a two credit hour course, taken concurrently with a regular math course (MAT 150 or lower). Data collected by the college over that last 6 years show that students concurrently enrolled in MAT I 08 achieve better grades in their math courses and success in their academic programs. To address both the educational need, and to provide additional funding for veterans, S.E.E.4Vets will fund a pilot program, hereafter called the S.E.E.4Vets Math Success Scholarship for PVCC, with 12 student veterans in Spring 2016 and an additional 12 student veterans in Fall2016. The purpose of the fund is to support Veterans Student at Paradise Valley Community College, which include the following criteria: ELIGIBILTY: 0 Be a Paradise Valley Community College student veteran 0 Be enrolled a minimum of half-time (at least 6 credit hours) 0 Be enrolled in a developmental math course (MAT 08X or MAT 09X). 0 Student veterans must be enrolled and attending a MAT1 08 no later than the second week of instruction. 0 Student veterans must complete an application 0 For continuing awards of this scholarship, a student must successfully complete MATI08 and achieve a grade of B or higher in the current math class. PRIORITY FUNDING: I. Will be given to students who successfully completed MATl 08 and passed their Math course 2. New veteran student 3. Students who did not successfully complete the course (Student will not be required to pay back their scholarships if they failed or drop) This scholarship will be categorized as a "Program Scholarship" (see below) and will be advertised, administered and awarded by the College's Veterans Student Services Office. END OF PILOT AND FUTURE ACTIONS: At the conclusion of this pilot, SPA will analyze performance data and produce a report for the college and S.E.E.4Vets. Depending on results achieved and the availability of funding, PVCC and S.E.E.4 Vets will then decide whether to continue with this scholarship in Spring 2017 and amend this document. (See attached project proposal for full details.)


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