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Scottsdale Community College

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Student Support

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The Remission Account exists to exclusively benefit students enrolled at Scottsdale Community College with debts incurred at Scottsdale Community College. During the process of enrollment, course changes, fee assessments and payment there are occasions when a student's account with the college shows a small amount owed. As there is a very real cost to invoice students, it is contemplated that through judicious use of the Remission Account that very small balances will be resolved prior to billing/rebill. It is contemplated that no debt in excess of $25 will be processed against the Remission Account. A student account 'qualifies' by having a nominal debt in the records of Scottsdale Community College. The Bursar (or designee) makes the decision to award based solely upon his/her judgement. The Bursar must balance the available funding in the account with the number/magnitude of accounts with nominal balances. As such, $25 is an absolute cap per student account though the actual amounts will be much smaller. Fees frozen at .75%


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