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Scottsdale Community College

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Student Support

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The Fund is exclusively dedicated to the provision of scholarships to students at Scottsdale Community College and is governed by the following understandings and critera: 1. $55,000 will form the base historic gift value as of the date this document is signed by Donor and MCC Foundation. Further, the historic gift value will be increased in direct correlation with monetary value of any future contributions to the Fund. 2. Students may receive scholarships to cover a maximum of 60 credit hours in his/her tenure at Scottsdale Community College. 3. Scholarship recipients shall: -Attend Scottsdale Community College -Register for at least 12 credit hours per semester -Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA -To the best of his/her ability, attend the Scottsdale Charros Annual Education Banquet held in the Spring of each year. -Give the Charros written permission to use the recipients name/image and cite his/her educational progress/achievements in the organization's promotional/communications endeavors.


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