Maricopa County Community Colleges Foundation
In today’s rapidly changing environment, we are focused on the hardships our student’s face in obtaining their education and/or certifications. Your support has never been more critical. Below are four very important ways that you can contribute to the success of Maricopa Community College students through the Emergency Fund, Food Assistance Fund, Greatest Needs Fund and Scholarship Fund.



The Emergency Fund was established to help students in need across our District so that they can focus on their education and not their financial situation. Donating to Emergency Funds helps students pay for rent, electricity, food, public transportation and so much more during times of hardship.

The Food Assistance Fund allows our students to focus on completing their classwork versus focusing on where they are going to get their next meal. These efforts are critical to the academic success for many of our students. 

The Greatest Needs Fund benefits all students by providing immediate and flexible funding for urgent needs to support programs and initiatives that benefit all ten of the Maricopa Community Colleges. This core source of financing allows our colleges to address gaps that may be prohibiting our students from obtaining educational opportunities available to them. These needs may be due to a lack of resources across a broad range of circumstances, including urgent technology needs.

The Scholarship Fund  provides the  opportunity for our students to pay for tuition, books and other academic fees in order to fulfill their educational journeys at all ten Maricopa Community Colleges.



Cristie Roe Video


Check out this video in which Cristie Roe, English Department faculty member at Phoenix College, discusses how she was able to contribute unexpected funds that she received, to support the Food Assistance at Phoenix College and the difference donations like these make in the lives of our students.