Your support of our students is greatly appreciated. Below are just some of the many thanks that we’ve received.



Chandler-Gilbert Community College

“I really want to go to dental school and become the first doctor in my family. I am actually a teen mother to a baby girl. I promised myself I would finish this degree for myself and for my daughter. Being awarded this scholarship really takes the load off. I can focus on my science classes, instead of worrying about the large payments. Every semester I feel like I am coming closer to my dream, and I truly thank the donors of my scholarship from the bottom of my heart.”

Samuel Photo


Scottsdale Community College

“I am honored and humbled to have been selected for a scholarship. I‘m working towards an Associate’s Degree in Motion Picture, Television and New Media Production with a Certificate in Screenwriting at SCC The assistance that this scholarship brings allows me to continue to concentrate on my studies and perform well in my education. I have been lucky enough to make the President’s Honor List three semesters in a row. With continued hard work and the help from this scholarship, I strive to make that list again for the current semester.”

Vivian Photo


GateWay Community College

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for this scholarship! I am attending GWCC so that I can achieve my dream of being an RN. Since I was 16, I have dreamt of being a Hospice RN and it is surreal to see that I am almost done with my program. Of course, this dream would not be possible without the aid of wonderful scholarship donors. A scholarship means that someone believes in me. I have to pay out-of-state tuition, so scholarships relieve the financial burdens I constantly have to worry about before starting a new semester. Thank you for bringing me one step closer to achieving my dreams!”