Your support of our students is greatly appreciated. Below are just some of the many thanks that we’ve received.

Megan Photo


Glendale Community College

“Receiving financial assistance will help me in my academic and professional career in the upcoming school year, and I hope to one day pay that forward. As a full-time biology major student also working full-time as a hospital pharmacy technician, receiving financial aid will help me work less hours and to devote more time to my studies and serving in community outreach. As a female in a STEM major and also returning to college after a gap year, I hope to show other individuals that despite obstacles faced, they can be overcome. Your generosity is one of the many pieces in the puzzle in helping me make my dreams and ambitions reality.”



Estrella Mountain Community College

“This award relieves so much of the pressure and worry I was feeling going in to this semester. I will no longer have to stress about how I would manage a full time job while also progressing in my studies at EMCC. Additionally, I can assure you that while this award relieves the financial pressure on me, it will only serve to further motivate me to excel in my upcoming classes and prove that I was truly worthy of this grant. The receipt of this scholarship marks a watershed moment in my college career, and again I am left to simply express how humbled and grateful I feel.”

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Phoenix Community College

“I am attending PC as a way to change careers. Cybersecurity is a growing field and I know that with the help of this scholarship it will allow me to focus on my studies. I plan to continue on to the University of Arizona, because they hold the best cybersecurity program around. I have been able to challenge myself and receive the Presidents Honors List for the past two semesters and I plan on getting that for next semester. Thank you for choosing me.”