Your support of our students is greatly appreciated. Below are just some of the many thanks that we’ve received.

Alister Photo


Mesa Community College


“I am a displaced employee of a major bank. I worked for that bank for 26 years then was summarily displaced. I found myself in the unfamiliar job market. I had many job skills, which was great, but I knew that to be competitive I needed to have a degree on my resume. The automated manufacturing and robotics have always been an interest to me, and I almost enrolled in a similar degree program when I lived in New York years ago, but life sidetracked me, and I enlisted in the Marine Corps. This scholarship allows me to take on a larger credit load even with my fixed and limited income. It also puts me on track to be the first in my family to earn a college degree. This will be my second semester and I am currently maintaining a 4.0. GPA at Mesa Community College. Thank you so much for providing this scholarship.”

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Phoenix Community College and South Mountain Community College


“I am currently enrolled at Phoenix College and South Mountain Community College due to their tuition rate being more affordable. My major is biochemistry which teaches the fundamentals within the medical field. I plan to go to graduate school in pursuit of being a dentist. This scholarship is helping me pay for the tuition as well as making it easier for me to afford the textbooks for my upcoming classes. This scholarship even allows me to take more classes instead of waiting a semester. This also gives me the opportunity to be more active with my club PHI THETA KAPPA. I am very proud of being in the presidential honors list and maintaining a 4.0 GPA as well and hope to stay on this list. To the donors of this scholarship, I appreciate your time and for making this possible for college students like me.”


South Mountain Community College


“I would like to thank you all for your generous contributions to my education, it’s through these donations that I am able to pursue my degree and career. I began at South Mountain Community College with the intention to simply get started on my degree, still unsure of what I wanted to do. Through the guidance of my amazing counselors here, I was introduced to the behavioral health studies program. This opportunity allowed me the foundation to set true goals towards my passion of helping children and families. I can now confidently see myself working in this field and making a difference. This scholarship provides me the peace of mind knowing that my expenses for my education are more manageable. This scholarship also makes me feel supported in what I am working toward which aids in my motivation to complete my degree. With the opportunities provided I have found success academically and within my current practice of holistic health care. I provide birth support services to my clients here in Phoenix and opportunities such as this have allowed me to learn how to better serve those clients. I am very grateful for these opportunities as they provide so much more than financial stability, but confidence and knowing I am supported.”