Your support of our students is greatly appreciated. Below are just some of the many thanks that we’ve received.

Blake Photo


Glendale Community College

“I am on the verge of literal tears because with school being so expensive, I was very worried of how I would pay for it. I have been waiting for an answer or reply to my applications and I have continually been told that I would not likely receive a scholarship. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am a pre-med student and plan to go into cardiology. This accomplishment is something I’m very proud of. I am a hard worker and seeing it pay off boosts my confidence in my own abilities! Thank you!!”

Carlos Photo


GateWay Community College

“This means a lot to me and will make the financial side of my education simpler. I will be finishing up on my cybersecurity classes soon and I am getting ready to continue my education at a University. Thank you so much!”

LaDayja Photo


Phoenix Community College

“I chose the PC dental hygiene program because I recognized how a healthy smile can change one’s perception of themselves and I want to make a difference in people’s lives! With this scholarship I can focus on building my resume in order to get into a competitive dental school program. I am currently a junior representative of our Student American Dental Hygienists Association, a member of the Honors program and am especially proud of finishing this past semester with a 4.0 GPA while also being a member of the Concurrent Bachelor’s program at NAU. I cannot express my gratitude enough for scholarship and can’t wait to make you proud.”