Food Pantry Program

Food Pantry Student"My experience with the pantry is rather amazing. Being able to receive 3 snacks or 1 meal item and 2 snacks for FREE, without feeling judged, is truly the best experience I have on campus."

I currently have my associates in science and I'm on my way to pursuing my bachelors in medical studies and masters in biomedical statistics.  I use the food pantry due to my very busy schedule and my lack of time to prepare for meals. It has helped me out in times of need, whenever money is tight, and I have not eaten for the day. I'm a full-time student and active in many of Glendale Community College's organizations and with not having a job, the food present in the pantry allows me to not go hungry and to focus on my studies throughout the year.

The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation is working together with the Maricopa Community Colleges District to bring the issue of hunger and food insecurity among our student population to the forefront, by encouraging our supporters and local businesses to help expand programs and services at each college. Our goal is to have our students focus on completing their classwork, versus focusing on where they are going to get their next meal.

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