We work closely with many organizations to change lives through education.  Listed below are just a few of our community partners.


To find out how your organization can partner with the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, contact Brian Spicker at foundation.ceo.president@memo.maricopa.edu.


Chicanos Por La Causa

Supporting the pursuit of higher education is a key CPLC objective.  Since 2003, CPLC and the Foundation have awarded more than $670,400 in scholarships to deserving students.

Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona

Our partnership with Goodwill of Central Arizona has provided for scholarships that are available to current and past users of Goodwill’s services such as vocational education, workforce and re-entry programs. Awards are used for tuition, fees, and books.

Helping Hands for Single Moms

The Foundation has a long-standing relationship with Helping Hands for Single Moms and provides scholarships supporting Mom college students who are moving their families towards financial independence.

Hispanic Women’s Corporation

For more than 12 years, the Hispanic Women’s Chamber has provided scholarships to Latinas in the ACE Program.  Those funds are matched by the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation and together, we have provided $180,0000 in scholarships to 120 students.

State Farm

We value State Farm® as long standing partners in education. Since 1996, State Farm Companies and its Foundation have provided over $800,000 benefiting students in need through emergency funding, scholarships, grants, volunteerism, and matching gifts. These programs support the communities where their associates live and work. As they say, “we make it our business to be a good neighbor.”


The mission of the Verizon Foundation is to create innovative solutions to inspire today’s students to become the creators of tomorrow. Verizon invests in underserved communities to teach students the skills needed for success in jobs of the future. The Verizon Foundation aims to bridge the digital divide in underserved communities to improve social mobility building better futures for students, for their communities, and for the world.

Check out this video celebrating the Tech Workforce Grant that we recently received from the Verizon Foundation.

Victoria Foundation

The Victoria Foundation partners with the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation through scholarships striving to reduce the Latino Drop Out Problem. Since 2011, we have worked together to award more than $69,000 in scholarships to 70 students.

Wells Fargo

Since 1988, Wells Fargo has worked in partnership with the Maricopa Community Colleges to improve equity in access to higher education and has invested generously in numerous efforts, including Heroes of Education,  the ACE (Achieving a College Education) Program, the Veterans Center, Emergency Student Assistance and the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation. Most recently, Wells Fargo awarded the Foundation with a $1M grant to Advance Entrepenuriship, focused on uplifting economically disadvantaged and diverse-owned small businesses, as well as students of color pursuing business/entrepreneurial studies.