Jay Faulkner

Wanting today’s youth to enjoy his college experience of “going far, close to home,” Jay Faulkner, Class of 1947, continues a decade of generosity to Phoenix College. He has continuously donated to his endowment for ACE (Achieving a College Education) scholarships, bringing the total to well over $150,000. The ACE program takes at-risk high school students and places them in a program designed to help them graduate with 18-24 college credits.

In 2004, Faulkner made his first contribution to the ACE scholarship program with the establishment of the Jay L. Faulkner Scholarship Endowment. In July 2012, he contributed additional funding to the college’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) scholarship program.

“I give to ACE so that generations to come will benefit from the community college’s legacy of educational inclusivity and inspiration,” Mr. Faulkner says.