The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation (MCCF) believes that donors should be informed of the fee load that applies to contributions. In order to provide the services our donors, students, faculty and programs deserve, our Foundation staff works hard behind the scenes to raise money, manage it and distribute it to students and programs. It has become quite common for organizations like ours to charge a fee to offset these costs.

Effective January 1, 2014, the acceptance fee for restricted gifts is 2%. All contributions are received by MCCF with the above understanding. Donors who wish to have a donation exempted from the expense load can have their request presented to the MCCF Board Finance Committee for review.

Our fees are low in comparison to those of other organizations:

Expense load at major charities:
39% – United Cerebral Palsy
26% – American Diabetes Association
25% – American Heard Association
23% – American Cancer Society
23% – March of Dimes
20% – Easter Seals
17% – Habitat for Humanity
15% – Make-a-Wish Foundation

Expense load at Arizona charities:
5% – Mohave Community College Foundation
10% –  Valley of the Sun United Way
1-2% – Arizona Community Foundation