Dominique H.

"My dreams are an active and present reality."

Dominique H. is a young woman determined to succeed.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, her plans of attending the University of Saskatchewan fell through and she was quickly forced to find another option. Mesa Community College (MCC)  became her chance for a higher education. An opportunity made possible through scholarships.

Dominique is one semester away from finishing her associate’s degree and will transfer to Arizona State University to study Therapeutic Recreation and American Indian Studies. She wants to impact Native American families through counseling and other therapeutic methods.  “With the help provided by scholarships, from many generous donors, and delineated through the Foundation, my dreams are an active and present reality,” she said. “My goals are already being achieved through my education at MCC as I’m able to participate in and co-coordinate community events such as social and human rights themed art shows that directly help Native American people right here in Maricopa County. “

Mesa Community College, MCC Gordon L. Benson Scholarship Endowment, MCC Paulette Schlosser Memorial Scholarship Endowment