Jessica C.

"I just want to keep learning more things! I just can’t quench that thirst for knowledge."

Jessica has become an avid volunteer. Before she went back to school, she found it difficult to make time for outside pursuits. As a full-time employee and a single mother, her time mostly was spent with her son after work.  “Since I started volunteering and mentoring for the Be a Leader Foundation, there is no slowing me down. I help out at St. Vincent de Paul, HALO Animal Shelter, and Habitat for Humanity … [and] I love it!

“I’ve learned to organize my time, study, help others, and spend time with my child; and more importantly, model behavior for him. We study together; and this entire time that I’ve been back at school has been very fulfilling for me.”

Jessica goes on to credit the Scholarship for aiding her going back to school and opening an entire new realm of possibilities for her.  “I’m working on an AAS in Paralegal Studies, and I just want to keep learning more things!  I just can’t quench that thirst for knowledge and will definitely be continuing on the path of higher education.”  Her enthusiasm is palpable as she speaks about other things that have peaked her interest, such as sustainable living.

“Rio Salado College really offers so many fascinating courses and makes education so convenient for older students as myself, who have jobs and children. I think I will be a lifelong student because there really is so much out there to learn and experience!”

Rio Salado College