Aaron Fajardo

"I want to be there for others. That’s what drove me to public safety."

Abby Atonal Rodriguez

"I realize that my college education is a powerful privilege, and I plan to utilize my privilege to empower others."

Allison Edmonds

"I received wonderful schooling that provided me with a career and not just a job."

Andrew Benally

" I am living proof that you can go from being homeless to the Ivy Leagues."

Angie Rose

"I want to work with communities and guide them towards education. "

Antwon Popé

"I’m just scratching the surface in my education. To be noticed in any light, makes this so special. "

Autumn Barber

"Kind gestures make it possible for me to pursue my degree and help others in the future."

Bailey Benson

"I want to major in economics or finance with a focus on sustainable systems and engineering."

Brett Yazzie

"You need a clear vision of what you want to achieve and a game plan that you follow."

Brian Farrell

"I feel like I’ve gone through this almost three-year process of every single possible way I could hit the lottery...I’ve hit the lottery! "

Brittany Otterson

"With the scholarships that I’ve received, I plow through difficulties that life throws my way. "

Bryan Dixon

"I hope to work in a hospital that serves the Native American population, to give back what was given to me. "

Caithlyn Bennet

"I’m working toward a goal . . . to one day practice tribal law. "

Carlisha Lynch

"I’m already on the road to being one of the youngest African-American dentists in Arizona!"

Chanelle Schintler

"Everyone I’ve met on this journey has helped in different parts of my education. Their advice will help me in my future."

Christy Lau

"My parent's sacrifices will pay off as I achieve goals through higher education."

Cynthia Herda

"I am a person who shoots for the moon because even if I fail, I am still among the stars. "

Dagoberto Bailon

"I take nothing for granted. I'm able to enjoy so many educational and leadership opportunities."

Dauda Sheriff

"Because of my desire to serve others at an early age, I always knew I wanted to study medicine."

Deja Robinson

"I plan to be the first from my family to graduate from college, but I do not intend to be the last."

Donny Hokenson

"I promised myself that I was going to college. I knew I was just going to have to work hard, get high marks, and do my personal best!"

Donvan Denetdeal

"Because of the scholarships I’ve received, I will be the first one in my family to graduate from college."

Elie Chmouni

"I know that education will bring us success in our new home."

Emily Lopez

"My education will allow me to improve the quality of an organization that has changed the lives of numerous children."

Emma DiMarco

"If it weren’t for the ACE program, and scholarship I received I would not have the opportunity to pursue my education."

Erika Diaz-Fuentes

"I’ve learned personal responsibility for my education and future. It’s a lesson that I will always carry with me."


"Today I have hopes of doors opening, and that my friends and I can continue our education. "

Gina Lemmon

"It's a wonderful feeling to have people who support my education and are willing to give their hard earned money in order to aid in my successes."

James McDonald

"I’ve gone back to school and I’m getting it together. You are never too old to learn!"

Jeremy Holmes

"My college really supports me and the instructors are really understanding."

Jermaine Thomas Jr.

"There's no excuse to not better yourself through education. there are scholarships and people willing to help you achieve your potential."

Jessica Chapman

"I just want to keep learning more things! I just can’t quench that thirst for knowledge."

Jill Morgan

"Once you start receiving scholarships, you know that others believe in you as well, and you can’t let them down!"

Joe Navarro

"My scholarship has helped me keep this great balance in life and I'm very appreciative."

Jose Ramirez

"I was so determined to be included in the program that I just kept calling and calling until I was accepted!"

Jose Rivas

"I would like to get a Masters Degree in Public Policy or Public Administration and follow the road of public service."

Joseph Jenneford

"My parents didn’t go to college and it was difficult for them to understand my educational goals. Now they see how much I have achieved."

Katherine Alcazar

"South Mountain Community College was my first step, and the right step for me, so that I can become better prepared."

Katoya Lee

"Never give up – no matter your age, story or situation. Success is the sweetest revenge."

Kelsi Graham

"Scholarships tremendously helped lift the financial burden off my shoulders."

Kristy Hunt

"I always wanted to help people. I'm part of a team of medical professionals who work together to help bring people to better health."

Lupita Velazquez

"I always tell my younger brother and sister how important it is to go to college and follow their dreams."

Mario Marquez

"People thought that by living on my own in America, I could possibly turn the wrong way. I chose not to do so."

Megan Kestner

"There is so much assistance for people who really want to be successful and self-sufficient."

Melinda Evans

"Life changed when my husband passed away.  School gives me direction and equips me with what's needed in the workforce."

Michael Swann

"I want to be a living honor to my grandmother, for her patriotic and brave work."

Michella Baldock

"I have a chance to make a difference in my children’s lives and other children’s lives too."

Miguel Gonzalez

"I have a whole new view and perspective that I never thought possible."

Milos Pavicevich

"People are willing to help you get an education, you have to be willing to put in the time and the commitment!"

Nathan Freeman

"The spirit of philanthropy drives our community. Investing in each other gives us faith that together we can be better."

Nick Martinez

"I'm so glad that I've been given this opportunity. It won't be wasted."

Nubia Stoy

"Going to college with no family support or financial stability can be challenging, but the blessings you receive when you don’t give up are so worth it."

Pamela Olson

"I will affect lives and families of people with chronic illness and will make lasting change in our society. "

Patricia Konno

"Without scholarships I could not continue my higher education…they are imperative to me."

Pilar Ramos

"I work on a team that has discovered a genetic cause of a rare type of ovarian cancer."

Savannah Sandoe

"I never could have dreamed I would be where I am now, so when things get rough I remind myself of everything I have accomplished so far, and of all the great things I am going to do."

Veronica Nunez

"The CPLC scholarship program has helped me keep this great balance in my life, and I’m very appreciative."

Zoraida Aniceto

"I have a wonderful career, self-sufficiency and independence."